Privacy Policy


The European Association for Vision and Eye Research ("EVER" or "we") is concerned with the protection of your privacy and complies with all relevant European and Belgian data protection legislation. 

Please have a quick look at the summary (section 2) to get a quick overview of our privacy policy, or read sections 3 to 8 to know all details on how we collect personal data, for which purposes we collect personal data, which rights you have and how you can exercise your rights.

Summary :
While we also gather some personal data when you surf on the website, we mainly gather personal data when you create an account on the website, when you become an EVER-member, when you register for a congress, when you make a payment and when you submit an abstract.
In general, the personal data collected only includes the information you submit, such as your contact details, email address, congress registration details, etc. When you browse the EVER-website, other technical data, such as your browser type and IP-address, are also collected.
As for payments performed through the website, please note that all credit card payments are actually performed by Atos, a credit card processor. We only receive the results of successful payments (amount, date, etc.) and do not store the credit card data itself.
We use the personal data to perform organize the annual EVER-congress (including management of scientific content) and maintain membership information of our members. We do not sell or transfer your personal data to any third party. Please note that the EVER-website allows all EVER-members to search for the personal details of all other EVER-members who have agreed to publish their personal details.
By using the EVER-website or by getting involved in any of our activities, you agree with the content of this privacy policy. For more information regarding our privacy policy, or to get access to or rectify your personal data, please contact the EVER office. EVER has notified the processing of personal data at the Belgian Privacy Commission, registration nr. VT005000265.

How we process and protect your personal data that you provide to us:

We collect and process your personal data responsibly and in accordance with legal requirements.  We process it only for the purposes for which you provide the personal data to us and in the following occasions:
  • when you surf on the EVER website
  • when you create a personal account on the EVER website
  • when you perform a payment through the website (membership fee or congress registration fee)
  • when you become a member of EVER
  • when you register for the annual EVER congress
  • when you submit an abstract for the annual EVER congress
  • when you contact the EVER office.

Surfing on the EVER website

While surfing on the EVER-website at, our server will track the following information: page visited, date and time of visit, web browser and IP-address (together "page statistics"). In case you login on the EVER-website, the server will also track your personal account ID.
Although the page statistics cannot as such be considered as personal information, they do become personal information once you login on the website, as we can then associate this information with your account ID in our database.
In case of technical difficulties (e.g. abstract submission, membership application, registration), on your request, we may also investigate the page statistics to offer you support in using the website's facilities. Without your request for technical assistance, we will never investigate personalized page statistics.
The EVER-website uses so-called "cookies" to facilitate differentiation and identification of visitors. Although cookies have a bad reputation with respect to privacy, please note that the EVER-website only uses session cookies, i.e. cookies that are deleted after you close your browser. This way, the cookies used by us only store a very minimal amount of personal data during a very limited amount of time.

Creating an account

In order to become an EVER-member, submit abstracts or register for an EVER-congress, you need to create an account on the website. When you create an account, you explicitly provide us with several types of personal data, such as your name, email address, contact details, sex, birthday and professional information. Completing some fields is mandatory, as indicated on the account registration page.
By registering, you explicitly agree that these personal data can be used by us for any further EVER-activities you get involved in (e.g. performing payments or submitting abstracts).
At any time, you can update your account details by logging in on the EVER-website and clicking on "Manage account". If you want to delete your entire account, please contact us.


The EVER-website allows you to perform on-line credit card payments to pay your membership fee or register for the annual congress. The actual payments are performed by Atos, a secure credit card processor. Although our server receives certain information from Atos after a successful payment (e.g. amount, transaction ID, date and time), our server does not store your credit card number or expiry date. As a result, EVER does not have access to such data.
The amount, transaction ID, date and time of every payment are stored on the EVER database, to allow you and us to get an overview of past payments.

EVER membership

By paying the annual membership fee, you may become a member of EVER.
In addition to other benefits, becoming an EVER-member will allow you to participate in the elections organized periodically. When you vote in an election, we store the results of your vote in an anonymized way, so that it is not possible for anyone (including our webmaster) to know the actual content of your vote. The only personal data we collect during your vote, is the fact that you have voted, so that we can ensure that you cannot vote twice in the same election.

Registering for an EVER-congress

EVER organizes an annual scientific congress. In order to participate, you need to register for the congress and pay the registration fee.
By registering for an EVER-congress, you allow us to process your personal data and send you relevant information in the context of the organisation of the congress. For example, we will print a congress badge for you to wear on site.

Submitting abstracts

Through the EVER-website, you can submit abstracts for an upcoming EVER-congress. These abstracts will then be reviewed by EVER's scientific board and then, unless rejected, be published in the EVER abstract book, the EVER app and mentioned in the EVER programme book and on the EVER-website, as well as being published as a supplement of ACTA Ophthalmologica journal online.
Although each abstract mainly contains scientific content, it will also contain personal data (name, city, hospital) of yourself and your colleagues. Please make sure you have the right to reference the personal data of your colleagues.

Contacting the EVER office

By contacting the EVER office, your personal data (in particular your contact data) may be stored and later on processed, in order to enable the EVER office to respond to your requests. 


The EVER database are appropriately protected against theft, unauthorized access and loss of your personal data. Our data are stored on a professionally maintained, externally hosted server that is regularly backed up and updated to prevent security breaches.
Although we have used all reasonable measures to prevent security breaches, please note that no website can be 100% protected against targeted hacking attacks.
Your account on the EVER-website is protected by a combination of a unique personal username and password. You may never share this username or password with third parties, as this may expose your personal data (such as contact details and previous payments) and allows these third parties to access some personal data of some other EVER-members. You are personally responsible for keeping this username and password secure.
Should your username and/or password at any time be compromised, you can change it by logging in and going to "Manage account". You can also contact the EVER office in such case.

Sharing data with third parties

We will never share your personal data with third parties, unless these third parties execute tasks on behalf of EVER (the so-called "service providers").


We hate spam (unsolicited emails) as much as you do!
We will therefore never hand over your personal data to third parties. At any time, you can "unsubscribe" from our mailing lists at the bottom of each mailing. 
We only store your personal data as long as it is necessary or useful for us or you:
statistical information from the website will be periodically released
to facilitate easy registration, abstract submission, membership application in the future, your account data (contact details) will be stored until you ask us to deleted this account.

Access and modification of your personal data

At any time, you can access and modify most personal data held by us by logging in on the website and accessing your personal data. Should you have any further question relating to access, modification or deletion of your personal data, do not hesitate to contact the EVER office.

How we can change this Online Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Online Privacy Policy at any time. The version published on our website is the applicable version.

Updated May 2018