Word from the President

Dear Friends for EVER,

It is a great privilege to become the President of EVER for 2017–2018. This year we have celebrated the 20th anniversary of EVER and the ceremony Friday will stand in our memories for years to come. EVER is a subtle combination of basic and clinical research that is able to satisfy the expectations of both clinicians and researchers, which remains a challenge and one of our greatest ambitions. Listening to your feedback, attendees, speakers and pharma partners included, it is clear that this 2017 conference’s alchemy has produced a fruitful and successful meeting for most of you. Such success comes first from your attendance but also from several people committed to EVER: the logistics staff, the executive board, the board members and the EVER foundation, all of whom have combined their efforts and ideas to make this EVER meeting a better experience for all of you. The program was designed by our program secretary and the chairs of each section; again another subtle alchemy combining lectures, keynote lectures, SISs, free papers and poster sessions. Just to give an example, few scientific medical meetings have invited an airline pilot to observe surgical simulation teaching and provide comments based on his personal experience: this is the EVER connection. The translation of each keynote lecture and the quality of the speakers makes these events very useful for all attendees; this is a unique and very efficient opportunity to garner new insights in a field that is not necessarily part of your daily practice.

I am very heartened by the enthusiasm and the achievements of the young generation new to EVER, and I greatly appreciate their contribution: as Seneca said, “When I teach, I learn.” I would like to see these young scientists more involved in decision-making. They already actively participate in the YOS section and they deserve to make a greater contribution. Next year we will have the EUPO course on retina and vitreous diseases during our EVER meeting, another opportunity to welcome our young colleagues.

Please bookmark your agenda for the condensed format of EVER 2018 from Thursday October 4th to Saturday October 6th in the exceptional venue of Nice. Scientific curiosity, complicity and friendship will be the three reasons to attend and learn together. 

Finally, I would like to quote a famous writer, Eric Emmanuel Schmitt, who epitomizes the spirit of our EVER community:” In today’s world, we do not lack opportunities to be filled with wonder, but rather the awe-stricken.”

Alain Bron
President EVER 2017-2018