European Association for Vision and Eye Research

Guidelines for scientific session chairs and moderators at EVER 2017

  • Please arrive at the session venue at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Please co-ordinate your approach to the session with your fellow chair/moderator.
  • Please start each scientific session on time.
  • Introduce the session theme and the chairs/moderators.
  • Please remind speakers that speaking time is:
- Free Papers: 8 minutes for presentation with 4 minutes at the end for discussion
- Rapid Fire: 4 minutes for presentation with 2 minutes at the end for discussion
- Courses and SIS: individual circumstances will apply

  • Please remind all delegates that photography and recording of the talks is not permitted.
  • Briefly introduce each speaker, where they come from and give the title of the presentation.

  • Please indicate in the moderator booklet whether or not the talk was presented as planned.
  • In case of a no show or cancellation, fill the space with discussion, because delegates may wish to change lecture halls to listen to particular papers at scheduled times. Do not start the next presentation early.

  • Please start Q & A once presentation is completed. Try to have at least one question prepared if it is needed.

  • ATTENTION for Free Paper Sessions: the moderators must select the best presentation of the session and award a best presentation certificate” at the end of each free paper session.

  • As a matter of courtesy to participants of the subsequent session, each session MUST be finished on time. 

    Thank you for your co-operation