EVER 2017 Section Poster prize winners

Best poster in each scientific section: the winners receive a free registration for EVER 2018

T010      Helder ANDRE   Sweden   Differential hypoxic response of human choroidal and retinal endothelial cells proposes tissue heterogeneity
of ocular angiogenesis
 S013   Juana GALLAR   Spain   Interference of TRPA1 function affects background activity of corneal cold thermoreceptors in ageing mice
S017   Zhiguo HE   France   Assessment of endothelial quality of pre-stripped DMEK grafts prepared using the Muraine technique
T064   Marc SAROSSY   Australia   Timing of changes in the entropy of the electroretinogram with glaucoma
S068   Elena SALOBRAR-GARCIA    Spain   Qualitative early signs of microglial activation in mice retinas contralateral to experimental glaucoma
S069   Anca PANTALON   Romania   Aqueous inflammatory proteasome in open angle glaucoma in Caucasian patients

T073   Maria WAIZEL   Switzerland   The effect of autoimmune retinopathy on retinal vessel oxygen saturation in patients with and without
clinical features of retinitis pigmentosa

S077   Timo EPPIG   Germany   Visualization of the light field of multifocal intraocular lenses using a dual wavelength approach
F018   Michalis GEORGIOU   UK   Adaptive optics retinal imaging in patients with GNAT2 mutations
T033   Maria Pilar ROJAS LOZANO   Spain   Optical coherence tomography outcomes in patients with Friedreich ataxia
F066   Claire ALLEN   UK   The SRPK1 inhibitor SPHINX31 prevents increased retinal permeability in a rodent model of diabetes
S080   Kalle NUMMI   Finland   Preliminary results: Comprehensive national retinoblastoma cohort in Finland - RB1 mutation spectrum
F037   Khaled EL MATRI   Tunisia   OCT Angiography in angioid streaks without neovascular complications
F055   Giulia ESPOSTI   Italy   Photostimulation with subthreshold yellow micropulsed laser for chronic residual subfoveal 
rhegmatogenous retinal detachment after surger