European Association for Vision and Eye Research

EVER poster prizes 2016

Best poster in each scientific section : 500 EUR

S004      Seungbum KANG   South Korea   Melissa officials L. extracts protect human retinal pigment epithelial cells
against oxidative stress-induced apoptosis

 S052   Priyanka AGARWAL   New Zealand   Semi-fluorinated alkanes for topical delivery of Cyclosporine
S026   Mette CORRELL   Denmark   Graft functionality after DSAEK surgeries  in Denmark from 2006 to 2009

T012   Dimitri ROELS   Belgium   Unilateral Carcinoma-Associated Retinopathy: Diagnosis, Serology and Treatment

T048   Anne Katrine TOFT-KEHLER     Denmark   Müller cells increase survival of retinal ganglion cells - a coculture model of primary
retinal ganglion cells and primary Müller cells
T049   Tasneem KHATIB   UK   Quantification of green fluorescent protein expression in mouse retinal ganglion cells
following intravitreal injection of recombinant adeno-associated virus


S071   Marc LABETOULLE   France   In vitro activity of Cacicol® on herpes simplex virus type 1 : a promising
adjunct therapy of herpetic corneal infections ?

S079   Piotr CHANIECKI   Poland   Composition of phacoemulsificated human lenses analyzed by infrared spectroscopy

T077   Anastasios SEPETIS   UK   The role of LRG1 in vessel normalization

F040   Maria WAIZEL   Switzerland   Normative values of retinal vessel oximetry in healthy children against adults

T093   Tjing-Tjing HU   Belgium   Quantitative assessment of retinal permeability in the diabetic Akimba mouse:
validation of a promising animal model for diabetic retinopathyretinopathy

S093   Vasilios PAPASTEFANOU   UK   Choroidal nevi classification using swept source optical coherence tomography
and infrared reflectance patterns at different wavelengths

F085   Rym MAAMOURI   Tunesia   Contribution of wide field angiography to diabetic macular edema
F112   Dong Yoon KIM   South Korea   Assessment of choroidal thickness and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness before
and after G training using swept-source optical coherence tomography