Chapter 4: Amendments of the Statute, Dissolution

Article 12.00 Amendments

The General Assembly can only validly deliberate and decide on amendments of the statutes when the amendments are mentioned in the convocations of the meeting and when at least 1/4 of the effective members are present or represented.   
If the latter condition is not met, a new meeting may be convoked which shall validly deliberate and pass resolutions on all items that were on the agenda of the previous meeting, with the majorities mentioned, regardless of the number of Members present or represented.  

The second meeting can not be convoked within 15 days after the first meeting.   
These statutes may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present or represented.  If the amendment concerns the object or the activities of the non-profit organisation, the decision has to be taken by a 4/5 majority vote of the Members present or represented.  


Article 13.00 The dissolution of the non-profit association

The proposal to dissolve the non-profit organisation shall be submitted to the president no less than six months before the proposed date of dissolution and shall be communicated to all voting members with an explanatory letter from the president no less than three months prior to the voting deadline. 
The General Assembly convened for the dissolution of the non-profit organisation can decide if two thirds of the effective members are present or represented. The dissolution of the non- profit organisation shall require an affirmative vote by two thirds of the voting members.  In case the General Assembly does not attain the required quorum of two thirds of the Effective Members, another General Assembly will be convened, respecting the same guidelines. This General Assembly can decide irrespective the number of Members present or represented. In the event of dissolution by the General Assembly or by the court, one or more liquidators shall be appointed and their powers and the liquidation method will be determined.  In case of dissolution, the property of the non-profit organisation shall be donated to a non profit, world-wide operating, scientific organisation, to be determined by simple majority vote of the General Assembly. 


Article 14.00 General stipulations

For all matters that are not explicitly regulated in these statutes, reference is made to the legislation concerning the international non-profit organisations.

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