Chapter 1: The Association

Article 1.00 Name of the non-profit association

The international non-profit organisation European Association for Vision and Eye Research abbreviated as EVER, was founded in accordance with the Belgian Law of 25 October 1919 and recognized by Royal Decree of 20 September 1998.  This international non- profit organisation is governed by the regulations of titel III of the Belgian Law of 27 june 1921 concerning the non-profit organisations, the international non-profit organisations and the foundations.   
All acts, invoices, announcements, publications, letters or any other piece which go out from the international non-profit organisation, mention the name of the organisation, preceded or  followed by the words international non-profit organisation or the abbreviation INPA, and the address of the registered office of the organisation. 
Everyone who cooperates in the name of the organisation with a piece as mentioned in the  paragraph above, in which one of the enumerated elements is missing, can personally be held  liable for all or part of the obligations contracted in this piece. 

The communicating language of the association will be English.

Article 2.00 Aims of the non-profit association

EVER is a non-profit organisation. The aims of the non-profit organisation shall be to encourage research and the dissemination of knowledge concerning the eye and vision by means of meetings, publications and training as well as the financing, support and subsidizing of projects and people concerning the eye and vision in general.
The activities of EVER are focused on the yearly organised congress, where, by means of lectures knowledge on the research of the eye is exchanged and new projects are discussed.

Article 3.00 The Seat of the non-profit association

The seat of EVER is situated in Belgium. Its present address is Kapucijnenvoer, 33, 3000 Leuven, Belgium. The seat of the non-profit organisation may be relocated to any other place in the Flemish Region or the Brussels-Capital Region by decision of the Board, which must be published in the Belgian Official Journal.

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