IM: Progress in corneal transplantation: immunology and inflammation
This SIS provides an overview over concepts of immune modulation after keratoplasty. Both systemic and topical immunosuppression will be highlighted, as well as progress in treatment of infectious and non-infectious inflammation. In addition to suppress the immune reaction, this SIS will highlight alternative approaches to instead induce tolerance or use gene therapy approaches to enhacne graft survival.
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Special Interest Symposium
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This session will take place on Thursday 11 October 2012 from 15:15 till 16:45 in room Thalie.
Abstracts assigned to this session (5)
15:15 18' 2741 Graft rejection in keratoplasty - what are the benefits of systemic immune modulation? GRUENERT A
15:33 18' 2742 Graft rejection in keratoplasty - is there a place for topical immune modulation? PLEYER U
15:51 18' 2743 * Current concepts and future directions in the pathogenesis and treatment of infectious and non-infectious intraocular inflammation DICK A
16:09 18' 2744 Novel therapeutic strategies for the induction of tolerance in corneal transplantation RITTER T, TREACY O, O'FLYNN L, WILK M, MORCOS M, RYAN A, NOSOV M
16:27 18' 2745 Immune modulatory effects of gene therapy to corneal grafts FUCHSLUGER T
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